Jack Middelburg elected as AGU Fellow

NESSC-researcher Jack Middelburg (Utrecht University) has been elected as an American Geophysical Union Fellow. Middelburg will officially receive the prestigious title during the AGU Fall Meeting in December.

prof. dr. Jack Middelburg

The AGU, one of the world’s largest earth science organisations, annually recognises a select number of its members as new AGU Fellows. Middelburg was selected, together with 53 other AGU members, as Fellow because of his outstanding scientific achievements and contributions by pushing forward the frontiers of our science. Middelburg receives the title officially during the annual AGU conference in December, held this year in Chicago.

International recognition
Prof. dr. Jack Middelburg holds the General Geochemistry Chair of Utrecht University and served as Director of the Darwin Center for Biogeoscience. At NESSC, Middelburg focusses his research on improving climate proxies of the distant past and on feedback mechanisms which can enhance or weaken changes of the earth’s climate.

During the past year, Middelburg has been internationally recognized and awarded as a leading researcher in the aquatic sciences. Among other distinctions, Middelburg received the ASLO Hutchinson Award and the Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky Medal by the EGU in 2016 in honour of his outstanding scientific contributions. He was elected Geochemistry Fellow in 2019 by the Geochemical Society (GS) and The European Association of Geochemistry (EAG).