NESSC Exchange Program: The exchange program is to promote and stimulate exchange and interaction of NESSC researchers with international groups.

NESSC Visiting Scholar Program: The eminent visiting scholar program supports 3 to 6 months stays of world-leading scientists, to one of the NESSC research institutes. The scientist is expected to make a substantial impact on the NESSC by contributing to its research, teaching, visibility, or outreach.

Since medio 2017 the Visiting Scholar program is also open to NESSC (co) PIs who are planning a sabbatical that will actively contribute to NESSC research.

NESSC Workshop Program: The workshop program supports proposals for up to one-week meetings with the aim to synthesize existing knowledge, address emerging issues and/or to produce state-of-the-art science reports for leading journals. The aim of the workshops is to aid cross-fertilization of disciplinary approaches. This aim of this program is also to provide in-depth training for the junior researchers of the NESSC consortium.

The scheduled deadlines each year are:

  • 1 January
  • 1 April
  • 1 September