Professor Caroline Slomp elected Geochemistry Fellow

NESSC-researcher Caroline Slomp (Utrecht University) has been granted the honorary title of Geochemistry Fellow 2020 by the Geochemical Society (GS) and The European Association of Geochemistry (EAG).  [caption id="attachment_7092" align="alignright"

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NESSC-scientists awarded prestigious ERC-grant

NESSC-researchers Mike Jetten and Caroline Slomp receive a prestigious ERC Synergy grant of €7.6 million. With the EU research grant they will investigate how micro-organism remove harmful methane and

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Hans Oerlemans receives Richardson Medal

Hans Oerlemans

Former NESSC professor Hans Oerlemans, Emeritus professor of Meteorology at IMAU, has received the Richardson Medal from the International Glaciological Society (IGS). Oerlemans receives the Medal for his important contribution

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PhD positions NESSC 2


Now open for applications: 13 available PhD positions for the second phase of NESSC research, supported through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND program. The positions focus on different aspects of

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Breakthrough to unlock earth’s geologic archives

A new NESSC-publication in Science extends the astronomical time scale by eight million years. NESSC-researcher Lucas Lourens (Utrecht University), together with his colleague Richard Zeebe (University of Hawai’i), analyzed

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