KNGMG Staring lecture by Roderik van de Wal

NESSC-researcher Roderik van de Wal (Utrecht University) will hold the annual KNGMG Staring lecture on Friday October 4. Title of his presentation is “Sea Level Rise and Implications for Low Lying Islands, and Coasts”.

prof. dr. Roderik van de Wal

The prestigious Staring lecture is organized annually by the Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands (KNGMG) to highlight pioneering research in earth sciences. The Staring lecture will be the closing presentation of a KNGMG symposium on sea-level research and mitigation strategies, held in Utrecht. Dr. Fedor Baart (Deltares), dr. Aimee Slangen (NIOZ) and prof. Bas Jonkman (TU Delft) will also hold presentations.

Earlier this year, Van de Wal was appointed professor of Sea level change and coastal impacts, a combined appointment at the Institute of Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (IMAU) and the Geosciences faculty of Utrecht University. The climate research of Van de Wal combines two interrelated disciplines: changes in the earth’s cryosphere, such as ice dynamics on Greenland and Antarctica, and climate dynamics (climate sensitivity and sea level variations and patterns, amongst others).

Both Staring lecture and sea-level symposium will be held in the Ruppert building at the Utrecht Science Park.

Friday 4 October, symposium starts at 13:00, Staring lecture begins at 15:00

Ruppert-building, Leuvenlaan 21, Utrecht Science Park

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Registration fee is € 20,- for non KNGMG members; € 5,- for KNGMG members

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Foto: Bernd Thaller / Flickr