New movie clip on ocean drilling programme IODP

A new movie clip on the ocean drilling programme IODP has now been released!

The short film, partly financed by NESSC, highlights the importance of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and it’s great value for NESSC’s climate change research and the international climate science community at large.

Sediments extracted from the deep ocean floor form excellently preserved archives of the long history of the earth. Climate scientists all over the world use these sediments for unraveling the millions years of climate history of our planet.

Many NESSC-scientists also rely on the IODP for their climate change research, amongst others prof. Lucas Lourens, dr. Francesca Sangiorgi, dr. Martin Ziegler and NESSC-alumna dr. Margot Cramwinckel, all featuring in the movie clip.

The movie, shot in 2020 with IODP drilling vessel Joides Resolution in the drydock in Amsterdam, was made by in collaboration with IODP-NL, supported by ECORD, UU-GEO, VU-ALW, NIOZ, NWO and NESSC. It premiered last week during the NAC 2021 conference.