NESSC in the field: Siberia

Even during summer, NESSC-scientists stay busy! Researcher Joshua Dean is currently on fieldwork in the Siberian Arctic tundra, collecting water samples.

There certainly has been no shortage of water this year, Joshua reports, and the pictures he has send over show some of the various challenges researchers face when collecting scientific data, but also show the additional bonus of witnessing truly stunning views of nature.

Joshua: “Due to massive flooding caused by the heavy winter snow this year, base camp is a coastal resort rather than the usual hundred meters away from the nearby river.”


Some permafrost thaw in action.


Flooded equipment…


An upside of all the flooding: some amazing views.


The day to day happening of searching for water samples is captured by Josh in the video below – it may not win him an Oscar, but you’ll also get a first impression of the summer landscape in Siberia and the dramatic expanse of the tundra!