Colloquium on Eocene climate

Model of the geography of the earth at 38 million years ago. Credit: Baatsen, M.L.J, 2019.

On Tuesday February 12 a colloquium is held in room 6.07 of the Buys Ballot building from 14:00 to 17:00 on the occasion of the PhD-defence of NESSC-researcher Michiel Baatsen.

The next three speakers will give a presentation:

dr. Peter Bijl (UU, Geo): The Eocene southwest Pacific warm pool (?) revisited

prof. Dan Lunt (Bristol University): The state-dependence of climate sensitivity: a paleoclimate perspective

Michiel Baatsen (UU, IMAU): The Middle-to-late Eocene Greenhouse Climate, Simulated using the CESM 1.0.5

All are welcome!