Urbino Summer School 2016

NESSC sponsors the Urbino Summer School on Paleoclimatology, July 13th-29th. This summer school is held on July 13 – 29, 2016 in the idyllic medieval Italian city of Urbino. Read the blog about last year’s edition here. The 13th summer school of the USSP consortium will focus on past climate dynamics with special emphasis on the analysis of the long-term carbon cycling and its implications in the understanding of present and future climates.



USSP 2016 will integrate lectures, symposia, fieldtrips, and exercises on the many different areas of paleoclimatology including biogeochemical cycling, paleoceanography, continental systems, and all aspects of deep-time climate modeling. These techniques and systems will be explored through interactive discussions of Cretaceous OAEs, P/E hyperthermals, the Greenhouse-Icehouse transition, Neogene and Quaternary climate dynamics. The goal of USSP is to provide participants with an advanced working knowledge on the paleobiological and geochemical proxy data and their use in reconstructing and modeling of past climates. USSP2016 will be lead by ~25 leading senior scientists from around the world and we will be able to accommodate ~60 students (end-MSc or early career Graduate and postGraduate) based on their submitted CVs.

Deadline for early bird registration: April 15th, 2016.
Fee: students pay 700 Euros – Academic or industrial staff pay 1100 Euros.

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