R-workshop November 30th – December 2nd

NESSCwork, the NESSC PhD and Postdoc network, are organizing a 3-day workshop about R from November 30th to December 2nd. There are still a few spots available! Register to participate in the workshop by sending an email to Please indicate whether or not you need accommodation in a hostel in Utrecht.


Preliminary program:

Day 1:                 Introduction to R, plotting basics

Day 2:                 Data analysis, loops, statistics (tbd)

Day 3:                 Useful packages?, box modelling? (tbd)


When:                November 30th  until December 2nd.

Where:               Utrecht University

With whom:      20 participants (PhDs and Postdocs, priority for NESSCers)

Prerequisite:      We’ll send you tutorials for self-study prior to the workshop, advanced people can skip this.

Who’s organizing:          Loes, Itzel, Luke and Anne

Who’s paying:                 NESSC

Where do we stay:         there is money for a hostel for those from outside Utrecht if necessary

This hands-on R workshop will introduce the basics of R language and its possibilities for data analysis, data handling and graphical representation. In addition, the workshop offers advanced tutorials specifically tuned for scientists in Earth Sciences, such as box modelling, carbon chemistry (with R-packages SeaCarb and AquaEnv) and advanced statistics. There will also be ample time to try the new techniques, ask questions and solve R related problems with the participants’ own data. After the workshop, all participants will be able to independently perform simple data han-dling, statistics, and graphics with R, and will have the tools to learn more advanced applications of R on their own. Learning at least one language like R is a big advantage for all scientists, but especially for the junior researchers within the NESSC consortium.
The first day will serve as an introduction to R. In the two consecutive days, we will have guest speakers who will take care of the fun R stuff! The final program is currently being put together, and those who subscribed will be updated via email.