PhD defence: Tipping Points and Causality in the past Earth System

PhD Candidate: Shruti Setty

Defence date: 10-06-2024
Time: 16:00
Institute: Wageningen University
Location: Omnia Auditorium

PhD supervisors: 
prof. dr. Marten Scheffer
prof. dr. Appy Sluijs
dr. ir. I. A. van de Leemput

Title thesis: Tipping Points and Causality in the past Earth System


This interdisciplinary PhD thesis employs dynamical systems theory and data-driven techniques to investigate tipping points, feedbacks, and complex system dynamics aiming to understand abrupt extreme events in the past Earth system. The research probes the influence of slow forcing prior to a tipping point, loss of Earth system resilience during early Eocene transient global warming events, dynamic causality in Cenozoic climate-carbon cycle interactions, and proposes a problem-solving model tailored towards such interdisciplinary research. In the end, the thesis wraps up with reflections on the main findings, research implications, and its societal relevance.