NESSC Visiting Scholar Program


The eminent visiting scholar program supports 3 to 6 months stays of world-leading scientists, to one of the NESSC research institutes. The scientist is expected to make a substantial impact on the NESSC by contributing to its research, teaching, visibility, or outreach.

The Visiting Scholar Program is also open for applications of NESSC (co) PIs who are planning a sabbatical that will actively contribute to NESSC research.

Who can apply?

Any of the NESSC PIs, co-applicants or daily supervisors can propose a candidate by submitting a formal request to the NESSC office.

Additionally the NESSC PIs and co-applicants can propose a sabbatical/visit for themselves.

What can be applied for?

The program facilitates the stay of a leading scientist; the costs that can be applied for are:

  • Travel costs (based on one return, or two singles 2nd class/economy class) – actual costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 2250 euro
  • Travel costs within the Netherlands or the country of the visit (maximum 250 euros per month, based on 2nd class)
  • Accommodation and subsistence costs (maximum, 2250 euros per month)
  • Research costs (costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 600 euros per month)

Duration of the stay?

In principle 3-6 months for scholars visiting a NESSC institute and up to 3 months for NESSC (co) PIs planning their sabbatical.

Selection of candidates?

Requests to propose candidates can be submitted via email (info@nessc.nl) via the application form. You should submit your request at least 2 months before the intended travel of the guest scientist (see NESSC website for deadlines).

Ranking and selection of the proposed scientists will be done by the Scientific Steering Committee. The proposed scientist will ultimately be invited by the scientific director or the (co) PI will receive a funding award letter.

The request should be accompanied by a detailed motivation as to why a visit (from this scientist) is beneficial to your research program within the NESSC. The request should also include a letter/confirmation from the host NESSC institute stating they are willing to host the visitor.

Please note that the guest researcher is expected to give at least 1 keynote lecture at the NESSC days or at one of the other NESSC institutes. The NESSC (co) PI is expected to actively contribute to NESSC research or outreach through the visit.

Outcome of the decision?

You will be informed of the decision a maximum of two weeks after the submission deadline.

When is the deadline?

The last application deadlines are:

  • 9 January 2023
  • 1 June 2023