NESSC Days 2024 – final edition

Update 18/03: Registration for the NESSC Days 2024 has now closed. If you still wish to attend, please email your request to


The final edition of the NESSC Days will be held on April 11 and 12 2024 in conference center Kontakt der Kontinenten in Soesterberg.

From the outset, the NESSC Days have aimed to bring together the NESSC community in a welcoming and small-scale environment where the diverse, multidisciplinary research of NESSC can be shared and discussed.

For this final edition of the NESSC Days an invitation will be send to all who have been part of the NESSC community these past 10 years. On this special occasion, we will host 2 distinguished guests: prof. dr. Corinne Le Quéré, Royal Society Research Professor of Climate Change Science (University of East Anglia) and prof. dr. Eelco Rohling, Professor of Ocean and Climate Change ( Australian National University / University of Southampton).

The event will run for 2 days with an overnight stay in between. Attending the conference, including overnight stay and catering, is free of charge for all participants affiliated to NESSC, including NESSC alumni and invited speakers. Participants not affiliated to NESSC will be asked a participation fee to contribute to the costs. It is possible to request an additional night prior to the NESSC Days for specific circumstances. More details about these options can be found in the registration form. In case of pressing questions, please contact the NESSC Office at

NESSC Days 2024 details:
Start time: Thursday 11th of April at 12:00
Finish time: Friday 12th of April at 17:00
Location: Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten, Amersfoortsestraat 20, Soesterberg


Preliminary programme:

Thursday April 11th

  • 10:30 Arrival & check-in
  • 12:00 Opening lunch
  • 13:00 Welcome by Scientific Director
  • 13:15 Keynote by prof. dr. Eelco Rohling
  • 14:15 Presentations Theme 5
  • 15:15 Presentations Theme 4
  • 16:15 Presentations Theme 3
  • 17:10 Drinks & social activities
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 20:30 Campfire / board games

Friday April 12th

  • 09:00 Opening
  • 09:05 Presentations Theme 2
  • 09:45 Presentations Theme 1
  • 11:00 Looking back: 10 years of NESSC by Jack Middelburg
  • 11:30 Alumni presentations
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 13:30 Looking back: NESSC outreach & TPA Legacy
  • 14:00 Keynote by prof. dr. Corinne Le Quéré
  • 15:00 Closing remarks & social drinks
  • ~17:00 End