Kick-off meeting PhD network

Thursday the 23rd of April we will celebrate the start of the NESSC PhD network! All NESSC PhDs and PDs are cordially invited to join us for this event, which is sponsored by the NESSC. It will take place at the Oude Hortus (old botanical garden) of the University Museum, located in the city center of Utrecht, starting from 4pm until 6pm. As we are just getting into year 2 of the NESSC, and not many postdocs have started yet, we happily extend the PhD network to include postdocs as well.

The program consists of a short talk by Sebastian Bethiany (WUR), the introduction of the new NESSC PhD network, a presentation on the outreach program by Prof. Appy Sluijs (UU), and of course a “borrel” and the opportunity to talk to your fellow NESSC-ers, including some of the PIs! Afterwards you are welcome to join for dinner (at your own cost).