Jaap Sinninghe Damsté interviewed by C2W magazine

Njaap damste c2wESSC-director Jaap Sinninghe Damsté was interviewed by science magazine C2W (Chemisch Weekblad). In the interview, published on September 11th 2015, Damsté talks about lipids he discovered and multiple measuring methods: “I especially like searching for chemical traces in the geological past. It fascinates me that you can tell what the situation was hundreds of millions of years ago, just based on chemical material.”


Damsté also discusses the work NESSC focusses on. “I hope we can reconstruct temperatures from the past even more accurately. At the moment there are a lot of difficulties to overcome. After all, we still determine the temperature indirectly. We are searching for more different methods to determine temperature – the more methods you can use, the more accurate your estimation will be. Also, there are some big steps to take in determining the past CO2-level of the atmosphere.”

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