Landmark paper on climate sensitivity

How hot will the earth become due to increasing CO2 levels in our atmosphere? This crucial question about the future of our planet has been the focus of many climate scientists, also at NESSC – but the question has remained hard to answer.

A recently released landmark assessment, with NESSC-researcher Anna von der Heydt (Utrecht University) one of the authors, is providing new insights. The international science team finds that earth is heading for a temperature increase between 2,6 – 4,1 degrees Celsius.

Von der Heydt explains (in Dutch) these results of her research in the below movie clip. The movie clip was made by Studio EARTH, and served as an introduction of a recent edition of Energy Café, a Dutch (online) debate programme about the energy transition.

The assessment paper in Review of Geophysics can be found here.  The Energy Café with Anna’s movie can be viewed here.