Mini-symposium: past greenhouse climates

Dynamics and evolution of past greenhouse climates

Weathered rocks in Namibian desert. Photo: Robin van der Ploeg

On Thursday March 28 a mini-symposium is held in the Marinus Ruppertbuilding (Leuvenlaan 21, Lecture Hall Purple) at Utrecht University from 15:00 to 17:00 on the occasion of the PhD-defence of NESSC-researcher Robin van der Ploeg.

The following speakers will give a presentation:

Robin van der Ploeg (UU, GEO): Balance and imbalance in the geological carbon cycle: a Middle Eocene perspective

Helen Coxall (Stockholm University): The Mercator projection syndrome: overlooking the role of Arctic gateways in Eocene-Oligocene ocean circulation

Steven Bohaty (University of Southampton): Climate and oceanographic evolution of the Southwest Atlantic: initial results of RRS Discovery cruise DY087

Richard Zeebe (University of Hawaii): A new astronomical solution and the calibration of geologic time

Drinks from 17:00 – 18:00. All are welcome!