Karthaus summer school 2016

Ice sheets and glaciers in the climate system

From 13-24 September 2016, the 16th  Karthaus summer school on Ice Sheets and Glaciers in the Climate System will take place in Karthaus, Italy. This course is sponsored by NESSC.

During nearly two weeks, 36 students (mainly PhD) will get lectures in various topics within glaciology, ranging from numerical modelling of ice sheets and glaciers to lectures about observational methods. Next to lectures and exercises also computer projects, done in groups of three students are part of the daily Karthaus programme. Read all about it in the flyer below or on the website.

Accomodation for all students and the entire staff is provided by hotel Zur Goldenen Rose, runned by Paul and Stefanie Grüner. The summer school is organized by Hans Oerlemans.

Send your application before 23 May 2016 to Hans Oerlemans. Your application should be a single pdf file, including:

  • a statement why you want to participate in this course
  • your affiliation, name of supervisor
  • a description of your research project (~200 words)
  • your curriculum vitae