Workshop Program


The workshop program supports proposals for up to one-week meetings with the aim to synthesize existing knowledge, address emerging issues and/or to produce state-of-the-art science reports for leading journals. The aim of the workshops is to aid cross-fertilization of disciplinary approaches. This aim of this program is also to provide in-depth training for the junior researchers of the NESSC consortium.

Who can apply?

Any of the PI’s, co-applicants or daily supervisors can submit a proposal for a meeting. To ensure cross-fertilization meetings should be supported by a minimum of two PI’s, co-applicants and/or daily supervisors.

What can be applied for?

The meeting should be open and free of charge for all NESSC scientists, the location of the meeting can either be a NESSC institute or a centrally chosen location. A workshop should focus on training of specific techniques; synthesis of existing knowledge and address emerging issues.

Eligible costs:

  • Costs for hosting the workshop/location
  • Travel costs for invited speakers (for non-European based invited speakers, maximum 1500 euros per person, for European based invited speakers maximum 700 euros per person)
  • Accommodation and subsistence costs for invited speakers (maximum 500 euros per person)

The maximum budget that can be requested for individual work-shop meetings is 16.000 euros.

*Please note: if the workshop is held at the own University/Institute lecture room costs are non-eligible costs

Selection of meetings?

Requests for workshops can be submitted per email ( via the application form. There are 3 deadlines per year, however, please note that you should submit your request at least 3 months before the intended workshop (see website for deadlines).

The Scientific Steering Committee will decide which workshop proposals fits best within the NESSC strategy.

Outcome of the decision?

You will be informed on the decision maximum two weeks after the submission deadline.

When is the deadline?

The scheduled deadlines each year are:

  • 1 January
  • 1 April
  • 1 September