Public outreach is important for NESSC. On this website we invite any reader to find out more about our research, by reading our interviews, news or watching the video. NESSC’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) are very active with posting relevant information for scientists as well as the general public.

One of the iTPA still - Introfilm02mportant goals of NESSC is educating the next generation climate researchers. Applying that goal even further, NESSC sees high school students as one of their most important audiences. By creating an outreach platform focussed on those young students, NESSC hopes to make them familiar with our work, and to enthuse them for (climate) science – right before they are choosing a study course.

Our outreach program for high school students is called Tipping Point Ahead (www.tippingpointahead.nl), and it includes movie clips, interviews and information about research projects within NESSC. The focus is on the people doing the research: what are they working on, and why do they like that so much?

To follow the researchers on their journeys, you can find blogs and news articles on this page. You can also tune in to our Tipping Point Ahead Facebook page.

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